15-Aug-2018Holladay, UT +6 milesBoats for Sale
2018 SeaArk ProCat 200 GatorHide Interior Coating PreRiged Side Console Suzuki SeaStar Hydraulic Steering ProCat Tournament Package Tan Paint Marine Master Trailer Tread Plate Floor 25 Gallon livewell on Front Bow Storage Box Dual Side Consoles ProCat WalkThru Winshield Trolling engine Wiring Courtesy Lamps Navigation Lamps Speedometer Fuel Gauge Auto Bilge Pump ProCat Accessory Rails 3 Battery...
15-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Cedrick is a stunning, adorable, playful kitty. He has a extra lovable face and looks at you with such wonderful eyes. He loves to play with toys - especially those he can chase, and is very nice at keeping himself entertained. Have an empty box? Cedrick will claim it and play there for hours. Then, he will find his people for snuggles - he will cuddle up and sleep with you too. He's the all-ar...
Adorable and Friendly girl needs a forever loving home. She will be available AFTER her spay in early June. Adoption charge includes: Spay, two distemper combo vaccines,Rabies vaccine,de-worming, FIV/FeLV combo test, and a micro-chip. PSF Contact: 801 870-XXXX voice mail Text: 801-796-XXXX Email: XXXX@gmail.com Online adoption form available at: www.petsamaritan.org $55
15-Aug-2018Murray, UT +3 milesCats for Sale
Nina is a nice cat. She''s friendly and mellow, but quite playful. She played with her babies. She got along well with the other cats in her foster home and tried to play with them. She loves to carry toys around in her mouth and make funny sounding meows around the toys. She wants to be where you are. She loves to sit next to us on the couch. She''s good with children.
15-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
My name is ESME and I am a `Lovebug`! *I am pretty laid back except when it comes to getting love; I want it NOW! *I really don''t ever want you to leave and I will be in your lap every chance I get. *I can''t get enough cuddling and petting. *I require lots of attention, I am extremely affectionate. *Loves Treats *Nice with other animals *Confident *Affectionate *Couch Potato
15-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Hello there - I'm Minnie. I am a very affectionate girl and 1 of my favorite things to do is to jump in my foster parent's laps to be pet & get attention. I have 4 siblings...all brothers but that's OK because I can hold my own with them and we love to play. I really like to make them play chase with me by grabbing the toy and running away. I do have a precious little quirk...I like shoes and I...
15-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Hello, I'm Freddie! I am a very affectionate boy and love to be pet and picked up. I really enjoy human company so I purr when I'm near my foster parents even if they aren't petting me. I have 4 siblings and I really want to be adopted with 1 of them...as a last resort, I'll settle for a home with another playful friendly cat to be my new forever buddy. If you are interested in adopting a CAWS ...
15-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
My name is Maxwell but I prefer to be called Max. I have 4 siblings and I really like to play with all of them. I'm the most outgoing of all of us and I'm always the 1st one to jump on my foster parents bed for be pet & get loves. I'm full of energy & love. Because they are my favorite playmates, I must be adopted with 1 of these siblings: Jack, Freddie or Minnie. Do you have room for 2 of us? ...
15-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
My name is Jax and I'm a mellow cat who is still a little on the shy side. However, I really do love to get love and pets. I have 4 siblings and, maybe because I'm the biggest of all of us, I sometimes can play a little rough with them but we still all get along good. My favorite toy is just a regular old paper ball - I can entertain myself forever playing with one. I'm really hoping to be adop...
Hi! My name is Sophia, and Im looking for somebody to come and play with/feed my cat and change her litter/water while Im away on holidays and occasional weekends! My cats name is Billie Holiday, and she is a rambunctious two year old calico! She loves to play, but she does have a tremor that causes her to lose her balance and fall off stuff sometimes (Ive had this checked out EXTENSIVELY and i...
14-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Orange was born to a litter of kittens my mother's cat gave birth to at our home around 2000. My sister kept a kitten (name Creepy), and I kept 1 (Orange). From his earliest days, I trained him not to hiss when I'm near his bowl so he learned to be more social and loving...and I regretted that decision for years because now, he insists on being pet while he eats. Who am I kidding...I don't regr...
14-Aug-2018Taylorsville, UT +4 milesCats for Sale
I rescued this lovable furball when he was an abandoned little kitten. He has given me tons of love and cuddles through the years. I really don't want to give him up but my new home doesn't allow animals and i really don't have any other options on living arrangements. He loves to cuddle all day long. As well as will talk to you all day and follow you around. He loves to eat crackers and will t...
13-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Hello! My name is Snickers because I am wonderful as candy. Don't I have the most precious markings? I'm a tortie so I have confidence that is usually called 'tortitude.' I am an attentive, affectionate kitten who loves play and will spend an hour in your lap getting pets if you let me. I also 'make bread' by kneading your bed, blankets, your pillow and you if you let me which feels pretty good...
13-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Hello! My name is Jynx. I am a talkative, affectionate kitten looking for my forever home!. I like to play but I take breaks to come find you and then I will meow at your feet to get your attention so that you will pick me up and pet me. I love to lay in your lap and stretch out and cuddle with you. If you have had a long day then pick me up and lets cuddle while you tell me all about it! I am ...
13-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Hi! My name is Frodo. I am named after the main hobbit who has to undertake such a serious journey in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I am sensitive and I can look very serious or very silly depending on what I am doing. I am a pale, soft ginger kitten with light green-blue eyes and I have a quirky personality. I am looking for a forever home of my own! I want someone who will see my face lookin...
13-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Hi, my name is Domino! I am a snuggly kitten whose pur motor is always on. I also love to romp around the house with my 3 siblings. Activities you and I can do together include reading, eating, playing games, belly rubs and Instagram photo shoots - I ve already perfected poses where I sit on your lap, shoulder or head. If you are interested in adopting a CAWS pet, please fill out an on-line app...
13-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
I am more cuddly than that stuffed animal you hug at night, but don t worry I love you already. I love the humans, especially when they bring me my food, I like to repay them with a post-meal snuggle. You can introduce me to all you friends, two-legged and four-legged, and they will love me - I ve already made lots of new friends in my short lifetime. If you are interested in adopting a CAWS pe...
13-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Hi I'm Timmy! I love it when you hold me close and make me feel safe. I especially love to be snuggled into your neck while you talk to me and give me kisses. I'm a baby and love lots of love but i also really love to play. I like smaller spaces, like cat trees with a little hiding spot in them. I can be a little shy when away from my comfort zone or kitty friends, but hold me close and I will ...
13-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Hi, I'm Snow White Glitter Sparkles aka Sparky. I know my name is a mouthful, but my human friend gave me this exquisite name because she thought it was fitting for the most lovely cat. I'm especially nice with lititle children, with a name like this you gotta be, and I'm super loving and affectionate. I love to chase things and carty pretend mice around. Though my name sounds like royalty, don...
13-Aug-2018Salt Lake City, UT +10 milesCats for Sale
Niko: Hi I'm Niko and I am full of fun and mischief. I love to play with my kitty friends, human children or anyone willing to give me attention. I am especially nice with young children. I love to chase things, even if it's my own tail. I would love to be adopted with 1 of my friends, especially Snow White Glitter Sparkles. We love to bounce around together and wear each other out. Please take...
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